Smart Yarns

Our work continues on developing the technology for fully integrating electronic circuits within yarns. Some potential applications are in the following areas:

Commercial: RFID tagging of textile products from manufacture to point of sale.

Medicine: Whole body monitoring; body chemistry monitoring; stroke rehabilitation; RFID tagging (numerous applications from stock control to use in the care of those with dementia); pressure measurement in compression garments.

Military: Vital signs monitoring; physical condition, position and orientation monitoring; detection of harmful gasses; RFID tagging (numerous applications); wearable communications devices; optical signature management; smart clothing which responds to the environment.

Sports: Performance monitoring.

Architecture: Stress and strain measurement in textile roofs, ropes and textile composites; lighting screens; flexible display screens.

Aerospace: Stress, strain and temperature measurement in textile composites.

Personal Electronics: Wearable computers; wearable communications devices; electronics for social interactions.

About Nottingham Trent University

Student blogs from the School of Art & Design and the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment.
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