College Research Conference – Martha Glazzard

Martha’s presentation at the recent conference was on auxetic textiles. Auxetic materials expand in a direction perpendicular to an applied force.

Design Approaches in Knit: A Study in Auxetics

Martha Glazzard

Keywords: Auxetics, Design, Knit, Knowledge Transfer, Methodology.

Abstract. This research is inspired by a void of knowledge sitting between technical and applications. The basis of the work stems from the Aeolia project (Nottingham Trent University, 2008-present) and allows for the individual perspective of the researcher to lead their understanding of the project. A perspective founded in design and apparel is followed towards a technical textile application. This application involves the production of weft-knitted, auxetic textiles via methods grounded in tactile, aesthetic and qualitative design. Using a bespoke methodology, it calls for pragmatic and fundamental justification and analysis of fabrics. With knowledge transfer as one of the goals all results are required to be suitable for dissemination to groups of knit-practitioners from all points along disciplinary spectrums. This is achieved through showcasing of the works in progress to practitioners of varied backgrounds as well as developing work with a multi-disciplinary supervisory team. The findings take the forms of methodological insight for a knit subject still lacking a distinct voice in research and a practical locus providing functional fabrics that can be developed at a later stage.

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