Professor Tilak Dias

Professor Dias directs the activities of the Advanced Textiles Research Group and brings a unique background in electronics, textiles and electronic textiles to the School of Art & Design at Nottingham Trent University (NTU). He is leading the development of research in the fields of knitwear, technical textiles and smart textiles, to enhance NTU’s capacity to undertake internationally excellent research. Developments to date include wearable technologies for medical applications that include a vest for vital signs monitoring and gloves and socks for use in stroke rehabilitation. Professor Dias is also developing wearable electronic systems for the military and smart textiles for the automotive industry. Professor Dias is motivated in his work by the possibilities of creating knowledge. “I like to push the boundaries of existing technologies,” he comments. “I’m aware of the limitations and what can be surpassed.” Professor Dias has developed three novel core technology platforms, which have resulted in the formation of three spin out companies in the UK for their commercial exploitation. He has also published over 100 scientific papers in leading journals and conferences and is named as the lead inventor in 40 patents. Of all his achievements however, Professor Dias is most proud of becoming the first Professor of Knitting and is excited about what NTU can achieve in the coming years. “The textile industry is an exciting evolving industry. Textile technology is over 30,000 years old and what has been achieved in that time is considerable, from once leading the industrial revolution to the stage where we have fully computerised, optimised, tested machines with very high production rates. There is now increasing interest to develop new materials using this platform, which will lead to ever greater possibilities.”

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